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Don’t take your work on holiday

Kuraray Noritake Dental’s composites offer predictable outcomes and long-lasting success, giving dental practitioners the peace of mind to truly enjoy their free time. (Image: Kuraray Dental Noritake)

Tue. 9. July 2024


TOKYO, Japan: Leaving work at work, unplugging your mind from the dental office is not rocket science—provided that high-quality dental materials are used. Ideally, these materials should be suitable for the specific needs of the operator, case and patient. For cavity restoration with composite, Kuraray Noritake Dental offers the right products for dental professionals.

The CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES family of dental composites is composed of different product lines designed to meet specific needs. Altogether, the line-up offers a solution for every technique and handling preference, clinical situation and patient requirement.

Universal solution for utmost simplicity

When simplicity is desired, a highly innovative universal solution such as CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES-2 Universal is an excellent choice. This paste-type composite system consists of only four shades: Universal, Universal Light, Universal Dark and Universal White.

Universal has the highest translucency and is therefore most suitable for cases in which several cavity walls are still present, such as in Class I or II cavities and in the cervical area. In cavities where light easily passes through, the lower-translucency variants, Universal Light (for teeth of up to Shade A3) and Universal Dark (for teeth darker than Shade A3), are the best options. Universal White is the go-to solution for young patients and whitened teeth. Consequently, there is usually no need for a shade guide, and the optical properties allow application without an opaquer or blocker in most cases. Both features greatly simplify the clinical procedure.

Classic and premium options for single- and dual-shade layering

Clinicians who prefer classical single-shade layering according to a shade guide and a greater number of shades available may prefer CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES-2 Classic. With a line-up of 18 shades, it supports straightforward procedures and leads to aesthetic results.

Whenever the aesthetic needs are very high, such as in the context of restoring a large cavity in the aesthetic anterior region, CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES-2 Premium may be the best option. Designed for simplified multi-shade layering, it comes with fixed shade combinations of dentine and enamel opacity that greatly support predictable outcomes.


All the CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES paste-type composite systems have a well-balanced viscosity and excellent mechanical, material and handling properties, including:

  • a high flexural strength of 118 MPa;
  • a filler load of 78 wt%;
  • a compressive strength of 347 MPa;
  • a low volumetric shrinkage of 1.9%;
  • a curing depth of 2 mm; and
  • a working time under ambient light of 4.5 minutes.

Versatility powerhouse in three viscosities

A flowable composite completes the portfolio. As the ideal level of viscosity depends on individual preferences and on the specific indication, CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES Flow comes in three different flowabilities: high, low and super low. They have:

  • a high flexural strength of 145, 151 and 152 MPa, respectively;
  • a filler load of 71, 75 and 78 wt%, respectively;
  • a compressive strength of 358, 373 and 374 MPa, respectively; and
  • a working time under ambient light of 100 seconds.

In addition, they are well-received for their easy application, fast polishing and high polish retention. All these features make the product a true versatility powerhouse. Moreover, it is offered in an innovative syringe designed for bubble-free application of the desired amount of composite and easy modelling.

The ideal portfolio for peace of mind

The CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES portfolio offers highly suitable products for many clinical situations, demands and treatment techniques. As they support predictable outcomes and long-lasting success, using them gives dental practitioners the peace of mind needed to leave work at work and truly enjoy their free time—in the evening at home, at weekends or on holiday.

More information about Kuraray’s composite solutions can be found here.

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