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cosmetic dentistry No. 1, 2022

Cover / Editorial: MiCD knowledge philanthropy by Dr Sushil Koirala / Content / An interview with Dr Davinder Raju: “I hope that sustainable dentistry will soon reach critical mass and become the norm” / An interview with Dr Sumita Mitra: “Everyone has the power to become an innovator” / Direct restoration procedures simplified: Transforming dentistry with groundbreaking technologies by Kuraray Noritake Dental / Treatment of a carious lesion with a composite with a single posterior shade by Dr Nicola Scotti / Rethinking bonding in the adhesive dentistry era: Think universal by Dr Dimitrios Spagopoulos / New philosophies in ceramic layering by Joaquín García Arranz (Quini) & Dr Ramón Asensio Acevedo / Making a permanent difference with zirconia paediatric crowns; A five-year follow-up by Dr Ana Vînău / An interview with Dr Michał Nawrocki: Laser protocol for peri-implantitis treatment / Restorative aesthetics at the gingiva by Drs George Freedman & Paiman Lalla / The world’s first thermo-viscous restorative material: VisCalor—now available for all cavity classes / International events / Submission guidelines / Imprint /