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Discover the future of orthodontic and restorative care at IDEM Singapore

Attendees at IDEM Singapore 2024, can find out more about Invisalign Smile Architect at the company's booth. (Image: Dental Tribune International)

Fri. 19. April 2024


SINGAPORE: The first software of its kind, Invisalign Smile Architect combines planning for orthodontic and restorative care in a single platform, supporting predictable treatment outcomes. At IDEM Singapore, visitors have the opportunity to see how dentists can plan orthodontic tooth positioning in concert with the aesthetic smile design goal when restorative treatment will follow orthodontic treatment.

Holistic treatment is possible with Invisalign Smile Architect. (Image: Invisalign Singapore)

With Invisalign Smile Architect, clinicians can treat the patient holistically on the basis of combined orthodontic and restorative treatment planning. The underlying malocclusion present in as many as 45% of prosthodontic procedures* can be better addressed, allowing for delivery of comprehensive, minimally invasive treatments that preserve healthy tooth structure and promote optimal treatment outcomes.

Cloud-based and fully integrated within ClinCheck software, Invisalign Smile Architect supports practice efficiency. The software helps clinicians combine orthodontic and restorative treatment planning using cutting-edge tools and case export functionality that automatically packages the case plans to be shared with the laboratory.

Invisalign Smile Architect facilitates patient experiences through leveraging enhanced visualisations to make complex, multistep treatment plans easy for patients to understand. This understanding inspires treatment acceptance and accomplishes desired smile design targets with greater predictability.

Becoming an Invisalign provider and utilising Invisalign Smile Architect enables clinicians to deliver exceptional treatment experiences and outcomes.

Visitors at IDEM 2024 can discover more Invisalign innovations at booth #J23.

Editorial note:

* According to an Align Technology survey of 251 dental practitioners in the US. 

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