Celebrating launch of DT ASEAN

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Celebrating launch of DT ASEAN

Hot off the press! DT ASEAN is being launched this week at IDEM by Dental Tribune International and its new Singapore-based partner Fireworks Business Information. (Image: Daxiao Productions/Shutterstock)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Tue. 4. October 2022


The first issue of DT ASEAN rolled off the press earlier this year, and two subsequent issues of the new publication have since found a keen and dedicated readership. Having both a strong online presence and print issues, DT ASEAN serves the diverse South East Asian dental markets, including those in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

DT ASEAN is the result of a new partnership between Dental Tribune International (DTI) and Fireworks Business Information (FBI), a Singapore-headquartered trade media group that organises many exhibitions and conferences every year in Asia and publishes specialist trade publications. The two parties are thrilled to address the thriving ASEAN dental industry and to provide the region’s dental professionals with the latest dental news and a platform for professional exchange and networking. According to FBI, ASEAN dental industries are booming.

Journalist and DT ASEAN publisher Kenny Yong has been working in the trade show industry in South East Asia for more than 20 years. (Image: Kenny Yong)

DT ASEAN publisher Kenny Yong told DTI that Thailand leads the region with its US$800 million in dental sales, followed by Indonesia with US$460 million. Two common factors that unite ASEAN dental markets are their steady uptake of new treatment technologies and their impressive growth. Thailand is a popular destination for dental tourism, and its dental industry has a current annual growth rate of 5.5%. Dental sales in Indonesia, which has a population of 230 million, are growing by around 3.19% every year.

“With these two massive markets leading the race and an up-and-coming middle-class market in the Philippines and Vietnam, it comes as no surprise that ASEAN is poised for major growth and is a region that investors in the dental industry should not ignore,” Yong said.

FBI is critically engaged in the region’s dental markets. Yong said that it was exciting to be witnessing first-hand the rapid changes that are taking place and that dental companies in the region have been waiting for more local dental trade publishers. “Having a partnership with DTI in this region enables us to make the most of this and to provide more B2B media alternatives to our dental and medical clients,” Yong commented, adding that it was essential not only to be present at events but also to engage with the industry throughout the year.

Yong said that DT ASEAN would benefit from a strong in-house database and the support of partner organisations and trade associations. Of the publisher’s business philosophy, he said: “We embrace the challenges of doing business in a region that is still developing. In fact, we prioritise it over more established markets. I sincerely believe that the exhibition and publishing industry is evolving, and we can bring a breath of fresh air by doing things differently.”

Visitors to IDEM are encouraged to stop by DTI’s booth (DE 25) in order to meet the DT ASEAN team, share their news and gain new market insights. Readers should stay tuned for the fourth issue of DT ASEAN.

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